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Welcome Karla, thanks for ordering from me, I enjoyed making your gig.

I have delivered 25 links in total, an over delivery of 5 links!

I decided to give you an extra gig:

  • Login details
  • 500 backlinks as Tier 2

Login Details

Get instant access to all your backlinks so you can modify each one later.

Easy to read report

Here you would be able to see in the easiest and attractive way all your backlinks and the login details for them.

Powerful Tier 2

What better than 500 links spread over 30 days to give more strength to your tier 1.


All your links will be sent to my own premium indexing service, so your site can start benefit from the power of the backlinks.

Here are your 25 links and the login details for them

These links relate to your Fiverr order: order
For your website: URL
Use the email address or the user name and the password to login into the sites.

Site Username Password Email

Page where your backlink is found

sitio 1 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 1
sitio 2 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 2
sitio 3 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 3
sitio 4 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 4
sitio 5 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 5
sitio 6 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 6
sitio 7 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 7
sitio 8 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 8
sitio 9 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 9
sitio 10 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 10
sitio 11 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 11
sitio 12 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 12
sitio 13 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 13
sitio 14 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 14
sitio 15 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 15
sitio 16 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 16
sitio 17 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 17
sitio 18 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 18
sitio 19 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 19
sitio 20 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 20
sitio 21 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 21
sitio 22 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 22
sitio 23 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 23
sitio 24 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4 pagina 24 JeniGrahm J1KS0VNug4

Your Gig Extras For This Order

The creation process for your 500 Tier 2 Links Gig Extra

I will give you the best and safest linkbuilding, the 500 backlinks will be a mixture of blog comments, wiki links, and more! All those will be pointing to the links above.

Also, the links are built during a period of 30 days as is the safest way to create links that looks natural for Google, it means that 17 links will be created daily during a month randomly for the links above, after the corresponding period of 30 days all the links of this list will have an equal number of links.

The importance of links is demonstrate Google that your website is actually relevant as it is linked by other sites, it will increase your authority. Although the process seem slow it could save you from penalization.

Days all your link will be done and ready to point your website or poner fecha

Your main links should be indexed in 20 days








And what´s coming next?

Once all of your links have been received by my premium indexing service it probably will be crawled by Google very soon, no one can assure you that it would be in few days and less in some hours but when everything  is done your links will create important paths to your site.

Indexing can take up to 20 days, I spread out the indexing submission over 10 days to look nice and natural, as we want you and Google be friends (no black hat here)

Hey! Maybe you have some doubts about the service, below I answered the most common questions that you may have. If you don’t find your question please message me below the FAQ.

How long will take to my backlinks to get indexed?

Indexing backlinks is a process which mostly requires time, it’s not a secret that is always difficult with Google because sometimes it doesnt want to index contents. But I’m going to do my best to make Google recognize the links and therefore your site too, with my over delivery I will try to guarantee success.

If you try to check for your indexed links with tools like Majestic SEO, MOZ or Ahrefs they may not show your link in their data base as they update their systems only so often. The best way to check for your link being indexed is to simply paste the URL of the link from the output column above directly into Google. If you see it in the search results, congratulations the link is indexed and giving credit!

Hey why some of the links you delivered are Rel=Nofollow?

This is perfectly normal, Google expects to see natural diversity in the linking pattern, this means it expects to see both Do-follow links and No-follow links pointing to your site, when I create your order I natually mix these two link types to look as natural as possible to Google.

The mix ratio depends on a number of factors but I aim for 70% Do Follow and 30% No Follow, I always over deliver on my orders to make sure you always get what you pay for and to keep Google happy in the process.

Hey why some of my links have my anchor text and others just the Domain URL?

This save the same relation as with the type of link (Do Follow and No Follow),the current and future Google Algorithm (Google Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin) are coming smarter so it expects a normal and diversified optimization of keywords (And it is useful, you would probably like to appear in a better number of keywords with Google), so it realizes if your site is only being linked by one or two unique keywords, it is a common and suspicious practice to Google. So, let me keep safe your site and compete for several words, do not limit your domain.

Why I don't see any results?

As you may know, search engine ranking is complex process, Google takes in count more than 300 signals to rank sites, it goes from social presence to the well-known phrase «Content is the king», the process requires follow the Google webmaster guidelines.

Backlinks play an important roll, when they are indexed start to pass authority to your site and Google see it. Actually all niches are different as none phrase has the same level of competence exist easy as harder, through the buy of this gig you are filing one guidelines high authority domians linking to your site, the best quality backlinks.

If you have just received your order, please be patient, Google requires time for the links to settle, be indexed and a number of other factors, results are not generally immediate.

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